Dual learning as initial practical experience

How about swapping a school desk for on-the-job experience? You can now do just that at Aquafin. 

duaal leren

More and more young people from secondary education are opting for dual training programmes. More than 190 schools are now offering some 80 different training programmes. Aquafin joined in on the employer side in 2019 and continued this programme in 2020. "There is also added value for the company", said Steven Muyldermans from Aquafin's Talent Development. "Through the cross-fertilisation of knowledge, we also keep abreast of new insights from education." Moreover, the students also get to know the company in a different way – and who knows, they might end up wanting to work in the water treatment sector.

Onboarding support

When a young person starts working for the company, he should obviously receive proper support. This requires a substantial time investment on the part of the employer, a conscious choice made by Aquafin. Indeed, we have trained 7 mentors to receive the trainees and show them the ropes. In doing so, we are providing opportunities not only to young people but also to our own employees, letting them take on a new role.