Using private rainwater wells as buffers

With an innovative concept Aquafin wants to activate private rainwater wells to fight flooding.


Making maximum use of existing infrastructure in tackling flooding due to peak downpours, that’s what Aquafin intends with Aqtiput®. This innovative concept ‘activates’ private rainwater wells based on smart controls linked to weather radar. When heavy rain is forecast, the level in the well is lowered so the water has plenty of time to penetrate the soil. This makes space in the well to collect rainwater runoff from paved areas or roofs.

Some households use rainwater in the home to flush toilets or for the washing machine, for example. However, in most cases, the rainwater wells are static infrastructure. If the level in the well is too high, the rainwater overflows into the sewer in the street. If large quantities of rainwater arrive in a short time, this can cause localised flooding. Using the rainwater wells as extra buffer capacity reduces this risk. In 2020, Aquafin launched a first demo project in partnership with the municipality of Edegem (Antwerp).