Research Project - R3 water

R3 Water - Reuse of water, Recovery of valuables and Resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment.

The R3 Water project is funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7, the project is coordinated by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Aquafin is the only Belgian partner in this project.

The main objective of the project is to demonstrate solutions that support the transition from a treatment plant for urban wastewater to a production unit of different valuables. In three different European countries, several demonstration sites will be built, to test the impact of innovative solutions/ new technologies if marketed. The objective for Aquafin is to demonstrate 7 cases (on full-scale) on Belgian WWTP's.

  • Reducing aeration energy by fluidic oscillation technology
  • Increasing methane content in biogas from anaerobic digestion by fluidic oscillation technology and improved control
  • HTC (hydro-thermal carbonization) processing of Aquafin sludges
  • Resource recovery from mono-incinerated ashes
  • Demonstration of an Anammox control system
  • Whole plant modelling for energy reduction
  • Demonstration of OptimEDAR, an affordable online aeration management scheme