Recycling locally treated rainwater

Bluebloqs is a compact solution of the Dutch Field Factors for treating, storing and recycling polluted rainwater locally. As a partner in the project, Aquafin has built and operates a test setup at its waste water treatment plant in Aartselaar. There, we’re researching how far the biofilter can remove different forms of pollution.


Treatment for recycling

Bluebloqs is a compact circular water system for use in public spaces in an urban environment. The rainwater runoff from roofs, streets, car parks, etc. is treated by a biofilter and then stored underground. This enables rainwater that can be collected immediately to be used. In the case of runoff from roads, the pollution may contain oil or traces of wear from tyres. After treatment, it can be recycled for the irrigation of sports fields, for example. Bluebloqs can therefore offer a total solution for drought in cities. The system also looks green and takes up little space. So it blends in with the streetscape.

First Bluebloqs outside the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Bluebloqs is already in use in Rotterdam. The pitch at the Sparta football stadium is now watered with treated rainwater instead of mains water. In The Hague, the system is currently being built for use in vegetable gardens and a children’s farm. Aquafin’s test setup is the first Bluebloqs system in operation outside the Netherlands. In this pilot, we’re investigating how far the biofilter can remove the different forms of pollution in the rainwater.