Infiltrating subfoundation

Containing rainwater and allowing it to soak into the soil as much as possible: that’s easiest above ground. But sometimes this is totally impossible because a hard surface is required. Particularly in the case of roads with lots of heavy traffic. Aquafin has found a solution to this: a road structure with an infiltrating subfoundation that works in conjunction with a conventional road surface of asphalt or concrete.

How does it work?

The rainwater that falls on the asphalt or concrete flows along the side of the road to soakaway chambers. These chambers overflow into porous U-shaped gutters that gradually carry the water to the permeable subfoundation. The U-shaped gutter was developed especially for this concept. Suitable materials were used for the subfoundation to ensure that the roadway doesn’t subside due to too much water entering the subsoil.

The composition was arrived at in close consultation with road experts. As a result, it’s not only sustainable in terms of water management, but also with regard to the stability of the road. Of course, everything was tested thoroughly once more with test setups in conjunction with the BRRC (Belgian Road Research Centre). This new road structure is compatible with many roads and designed to help climate proof our environment.