Social Challenges

Have you ever wondered what happens to the waste water after you wash up, take a shower or use the toilet? Until Aquafin was established, it usually went straight into the stream. Fortunately, things are different now. Aquafin collects the waste water from the municipalities and treats it so that it can be returned to nature. At the end of 2016, 83% of all domestic waste water in Flanders was connected to one of Aquafin’s 301 waste water treatment plants.

We also use our knowledge of the water cycle to work towards an environment in harmony with water. Creating a place for rainwater in attractive, functionally equipped public spaces.


4 social challenges

  • To help implement the European Water Framework Directive
  • To make room for water
  • To keep the infrastructure in good condition
  • To use energy and raw materials in a sustainable way

Does Aquafin handle water treatment alone?