Who are we

Clean watercourses and an environment in harmony with water, that is what we work towards every day at Aquafin. As expert in wastewater collection and treatment, we are responsible for the financing, operation and expansion of the wastewater treatment infrastructure in Flanders. We also  help municipalities deal with stormwater differently, by making more space for it and integrating it into public areas.

A company building the future

Each day, we treat over 2 billion liters of wastewater before safely discharging it in brooks and rivers. Make no mistake, our calmly flowing water strongly contrasts with the dynamics in our company. Yearly we realize sanitation projects for over 250 million euros and maintenance and improvement projects for over 15 million euros. Add to that a leading role in research in Europe. No two days are the same and our activities continue to grow.

We are open to any idea or proposal to improve the quality of brooks and streams or to work towards a linving enviromment in harmony with water. Whether you're a student, a researcher or a start-up company.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in working together.

Management committee

Jan Goossens

General Manager of Aquafin NV

Danny Baeten

Manager Business Development & Innovation

Sabine Schellens

Manager HR & Organisational Development

Johan Maes

Manager Financing & Procurement

Dirk De Waele

Projects Manager

Hans Bruynooghe

Operations Manager

Bart van Eygen

Asset Manager

Board of directors

Erik Matthijs

VOF-MATERIE - Chairman

Luc Bossyns

VOF Luga - Director

Kathleen Depoorter


Alain Bernard


Marleen Evenepoel


Marijke Mahieu


Ludo Suy


Francine Swiggers


Jean Vandecasteele


Koen Helsen