Attracting the right talent

Aquafin’s future is full of opportunities. But it is the people, our employees, who have to realise all of these ambitions. That is why we continually invest in our talents.

Based on the challenges ahead of us, we have defined what profiles we need, now and in the future. We improve the employability of our employees by offering them the right training, conducting career growth interviews with them and promoting internal mobility.

We prefer to recruit new talent based on potential rather than experience. In our own ‘Academy’, we familiarise them with the specific technical subject-matter that is not taught in any school. Newcomers to a leadership role attend their own ‘Academy’ where they familiarise themselves with the leadership style at Aquafin. That is one of trust, responsibility, connection and inspiration.


We prioritise insight and potential over qualifications and proven experience when we select candidates.

Min Huet, manager Talent Development

A breath of fresh air

In 2021, Aquafin renewed 10% of its workforce. This has definitely introduced a breath of fresh air to the company, which can be felt in all disciplines and at all levels. Our heightened focus on innovation and the first results of this certainly play their part here.