Green Finance

Wastewater treatment and projects to make public space climate-resilient are ideally suited for green financing.

Green Finance Framework

In order to strengthen its internal sustainability objectives, Aquafin published its renewed Green Finance Framework in April 2020. This framework explains in which assets Aquafin invests the funds it can raise by issuing Green debt instruments.

As required by the market, Aquafin's Green Finance Framework was also evaluated by an independent external party. Sustainalytics concluded that the framework is credible and impactful and is in line with the four core components of the Green Bond Principles and the Green Loan Principles. The projects and assets financed under the Green Finance Framework will contribute significantly to healthier water bodies.

Use of Proceeds and impact

Every project at Aquafin is directly or indirectly linked to our main activity "Sustainable water and wastewater management".

The funds that Aquafin can raise under the Green Finance Framework are invested in:

  • Infrastructure for the transportation of waste water,
  • Infrastructure for the treatment of waste water,
  • Infrastructure for sustainable sewage sludge treatment
  • Infrastructure to cleanly and efficiently power Sustainable Water and Waste Water Management Infrastructure (Energy projects),
  • Assets related to climate change adaptation projects,
  • Assets for resource recovery projects .

Aquafin commits itself to reporting annually on the impact that the invested funds have had.