At one with our environment

We want to connect people and have a positive impact on society.

  • We open our doors to municipalities, partners, local residents, other companies... thereby creating a community around Aquafin in which it is pleasant to spend time.
  • Public works always involve some disruption. We make sure that the disruption is kept to a minimum and give those affected proper and timely notice.
  • Aquafin wants to play a proactive role in landscaping public spaces by incorporating the superstructure in sewerage projects. Using plenty of vegetation and water is key here.
  • Together with our employees, we want to make a contribution to projects in developing countries to do with drinking water and/or sanitation. 

Creating an impact through innovation

Since 2021 Aquafin invests structurally in innovation with a view to sustainable development.
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Inspiration for a climate-proof environment

In 2020, Aquafin and Vlario launched the website with a range of measures for soaking away and buffering rainwater. With this website, they want to inspire municipalities as well as citizens and schools.
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Using private rainwater wells as buffers

With an innovative concept Aquafin wants to activate private rainwater wells to fight flooding.
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kind in regen

Water robust towns, cities and municipalities

Working towards a living environment in harmony with water also means allowing for the impact of rainwater. Due to climate change, we are faced with more water in a short period of time in the summer or long, wet periods in winter. We design workable stormwater plans for towns, cities and municipalities containing functional measures, combined with elements raising the amenity value and promoting biodiversity in urban areas.
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