Creating an impact through innovation

Since 2021 Aquafin invests structurally in innovation with a view to sustainable development.

Through fundamental research within R&D, Aquafin continually broadens its knowledge of all aspects of the water cycle. This knowledge forms the basis for certain choices or decisions and can sometimes also lead to new, innovative services and products. But, of course, much more input is possible for innovation, from the whole organisation. By adopting an open attitude to wide-ranging social challenges, opportunities in the sector and our own activities, we aim to seize every opportunity to create an impact.

'Innovative' is not one of Aquafin's corporate values for nothing. Employees are invited to share ideas and suggestions on an internal digital innovation platform. These are assessed at an early stage for relevance, feasibility, desirability and viability. Ideas which meet these criteria can be developed further into a service or product with added value for the company, the sector or society. Innovative ideas with demonstrable market potential and a solid business case are placed in a 'speedboat' or internal start-up that aims to prove the product/market fit. The speedboats are led by the Innovation team in the Business Development & Innovation division, often in association with external innovation partners. In addition, the innovation team takes initiatives within the organisation to strengthen the innovation culture, for example y launching new challenges around concrete requirements of our customer or in society.


Innovation case of 2021: A clearer view of the sewer system with ROSI

A transparent insight at all times into the condition of their sewers, inspection schedule and results, risk assessment and advice on steps to be taken for a transparent annual cost. This is what Aquafin had in mind for its municipal customers with the digital platform Rosi. It is the first innovation product for which we created an internal start-up. This meant that we could work on three tracks at once: the proposal to the customer, steering of the internal processes and development of the digital product. Just nine months after the ideation phase, we were able to launch Rosi as an as-a-service model, with great succes. We started with four pilot municipalities and are scaling up to 70 municipalities in 2022.


Other current innovations

  • sewer thermal energy: first application on own site and first contacts in final phase
  • innovative inspection technologies for sewers
  • smart controls for rainwater that enable buffering and reuse/soaking away
  • climate adaptation advice for municipalities